Labor law is an area of ​​specialization that needs to be handled by highly qualified, skilled, experienced lawyers and practitioners from the implementation of legal documents and handling labor disputes. Labor advisory services are not only limited to the interpretation of the laws or drafting internally legal documents, but also to fully solve all legal matters for enterprises or to solve disputes arising in the short term as well as in the long term. The following legal services we can provide:

  1. Advising, drafting or reviewing internal regulations on salary, bonus, welfare, regimes and working rules.
  2. Advising on working hours and rest, health and working conditions, occupational safety and health regulations for employees, especially for female workers.
  3. Advising on issues related to social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, accidents, pensions, health for employees.
  4. Advising, drafting or reviewing labor contracts between employers and employees.
  5. Advising on issues related to labor disciplines and material liabilities on a case-by-case basis;
  6. Advising  on and carrying our procedures for employees/employers upon termination of employment relationships, such as unemployment insurance, severance pay, job-loss allowance, retirement plan and records upon termination of labor relations;
  7. Advising on and carrying out procedures for recruitment and employment of foreign laborers in Vietnam;
  8. Advising on issues related to work permits, temporary residence registration, payment of wages and finalization of personal income tax for foreigners;
  9. Advising on how to resolve labor disputes in an enterprise.