We understand that several Clients are still afraid of the profound impact of the litigation, so when a dispute arises, we always try our best to negotiate and reconcile with the disputing party on behalf of the Client in order to resolve the case quickly and amicably and to maintain the partnership relationship between the parties. This is also to save the Clients’ legal costs in dispute settlement.

However, if the litigation is necessary to resolve the Clients’ legal issues, we can completely handle this matter. Our lawyers are capable and experienced in litigation in Vietnam. We are particularly experienced with lawsuits involving a variety of areas such as business, real estate, contract litigation, labor, etc., and are capable of dealing with complex situations involving multi-sided requirements with multi-stakeholder engagement, and advising clients on how to minimize the risk of dispute and adverse events.

The following services we can provide:

  1. Advising on how to solve the disputes.
  2. Advising or drafting lawyer’s warning letter, or letter of request to be sent to counter party.
  3. Representing clients to arrange, negotiate and mediate in a dispute case.
  4. Representing clients to participate in legal proceedings and/or protecting the interests of clients at the court or commercial arbitration.
  5. Handling requests for payment, fulfillment of obligations, carrying out procedures for enforcement of judgments or arbitral awards.