Company Culture

Our guideline is “To live and work for the public benefits”. To us, this is broadly understood: “All people without distinction of race, religion and culture, can live together and work in harmony for the future.”

There are still imbalances in many areas, such as occupation, income or living environment, which may lead to social unfairness and legal conflicts, and the laws are designed to adjust such imbalances. However, the fairness of the law does not always take place but also depends on many factors such as politics, religion, race and economy. This is the main obstacle to the implementation of this guideline.

Solving these imbalances is a task posed by TNTP & Associates and is being actively implemented in line with its guideline. Nowadays, international companies need to foster relationships not only with their customers and the affiliates but also with other countries and concern about environment. The companies must also be responsible for environmental and social impacts because of their activities. For this reason, the goal set by TNTP & Associates is to contribute to the consolidation and development of the Vietnam justice system, which may contribute to the prosperity and well-being of the people and which leads to continuous growth and bring Vietnamese society closer to the guideline of “living together and working for the public benefits”.

Teamwork and team spirit