Accompanying the enterprises from the phases of establishment, operation and development, we think that the organizational model and operating mechanism determine the long-term viability and development of the enterprise. Corporate investment now revolves around the issue of investment licensing for the project. It also includes bringing investment capital into a variety of channels in national and international levels. With many years of experience in running the business, we firmly believe in the advice and solutions we provide our clients.

The following work we can do:

  1. Advising and drafting investment registration application dossier for investors to apply for investment registration certificate, investment policy, investment approval, etc;
  1. Advising and drafting application dossier for setting up business entities, branch offices, business locations, representative offices in Vietnam.
  2. Advising and drafting application dossier for foreign investors to purchase and/or sell capital contribution/shares in Vietnamese enterprises;
  3. Advising and drafting internal corporate documents in the relationship between investors;
  4. Advising on internal policies in a corporation in Vietnam;
  5. Advising and drafting material documents to implement investment plans of the clients in Vietnam;
  6. Advising and drafting contracts, transaction documents in investment projects;
  7. Representing clients in discussion and negotiating in investment transactions.